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Frank de Biasi and Gene Meyer met 25 years ago in Bridgehampton, Long Island. At the time, both were working for legendary designers in the fields of interiors and fashion, Frank at Peter MarinoArchitect and Gene at Geoffrey Beene

Separately, Frank and Gene formed their own award-winning interior design and fashion design businesses, in 2006 and 1994, respectively. Both strongly believe that you can never know the world, its people, and its cultures without a passion for travel. Between the two of them , they have worked in or visited over 38 countries, in addition to their extensive travel throughout the US .
frank de biasi and gene meyer in their. house in tangier
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In 2001, dear friends invited them to visit Tangier, Morocco. It was love at first sight. Not longV after, Gene and Frank bought and renovated a house in the Kasbah. This city on the Strait of Gibraltar in the northwest corner of Africa opened their minds to a wonderful new adventure, and they chose to make Morocco their home.

They conceived the idea for Habibi Burton in January of 2020. The virus sweeping the globe imposed many challenges and made them re-think their values. Going forward, Habibi Burton will become a full lifestyle endeavor encompassing home, fashion, and whatever strikes their fancy.
Their goal is to create seasonless collections that celebrate Morocco and its craftspeople, yet also fit comfortably into environments all over the world.

Respect and fascination for old-fashioned Moroccan craftsmanship lie at the heart of their company. Many hours are spent fabricating each piece for the collection. All products are lovingly handmade by artisans who have passed down their art and know-how for generations.

Habibi Burton carefully designs around the techniques and skills of individual craftspeople, making HB a deeply collaborative project. Frank and Gene believe that handmade objects are imbued with natural raw energy and love, along with the charms of imperfection. They hope you enjoy their journey and visit often!
the kasbah of tangier
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