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Terms & Conditions

Goods remain the property of Habibi Burton until paid in full.


All prices listed on Habibi Burton are in US Dollars.


Fabrics made by Habibi Burton are cotton and cotton blend. Unless stated (some products are listed Dry
Clean Only) cold machine wash is recommended. Slight shrinking may occur. Please consider this when
selecting your items. Textile dye lots may vary to agreed samples. Where items are made by hand, such
as bedding, and table linens, please allow for discrepancy in approximated sizes. All items from Habibi
Burton are handmade and may have light imperfections or flaws, which in our opinion is part of their
charm and value, much like a personalized story.


Habibi Burton accepts payment via electronic funds transfer to our bank account.
Products are not sold until full payment has been accepted here in our bank. Production will commence
as soon as we are fully paid.


While we make every effort to fabricate on time, production delays can occur which are out of our
control. Where delays occur, we will notify you immediately. Habibi Burton is not required to pay for
delivery or alternative arrangements in the event of delays.
NB: With the ongoing COVID19 health pandemic impacting freight worldwide, delays in production and
shipping may occur.

Production of fabrics and metal can take up to six weeks. Wicker and wood furniture production time
will be approximately six weeks as well.
Shipping with DHL express or FedEx can take up to two weeks.


Habibi Burton is not required to provide a refund or replacement upon change of mind.
Since all products are being sourced and created in Morocco, you will need to take extra care when
selecting your items. Returns are logistically not possible, and Habibi Burton is not equipped or
obligated to handle returns.


Habibi Burton inspects all items before shipping to ensure the quality of each piece. Should an item be
delivered to you with damages, please notify us within 24 hours of receipt. We will require information
and images of the damage and will try to repair or replace the item in a reasonable timeframe. Any
damages or wear and tear occurring after this 24-hour period is not the responsibility of Habibi Burton.


Habibi Burton is not responsible for any additional taxes and duties associated upon receipt.


Habibi Burton reserves the right to photograph and publish on social media, website or other medium,
images of our products, schemes, and interiors produced or supplied by Habibi Burton. Client
information will always be kept confidential unless previously requested.


Neither Habibi Burton, nor its employees, agents or contractors are liable for any damages whatsoever
arising out of, related to the use of our product, website or any other website linked to it. This limitation
applies to direct, indirect consequential, special and punitive or other damages you or others may
suffer, as well as damages for loss of profits and business interruptions, Habibi Burton reserves the right
to update the terms and conditions set out herein without notice.

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